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Do You Feel The Winter Blues?

By Sara Neumann

TUE JAN 25, 2022

Do You Feel The Winter Blues?

How do you feel today? How have you felt recently? Low energy? Lethargic? Want to snuggle up in bed?

If you are like me, someone who loves the sunshine, you might feel an impact mentally and physically due to the reduced sunshine in recent months thanks to short and grey winter days.

The good news is that we are at the end of January - almost the end of winter! You might have noticed the days started to get longer over the past few weeks (which is great and so needed!).

Since returning from my sunny holidays in December, I am certainly feeling the winter blues. This reminded me of the importance to look after myself. Treating myself. And most importantly to ALLOW my body to feel how it feels.

Here are my Top Tips on how to handle the winter blues:

  1. Make your favourite cup of tea - I love a hot cup of YogiTea Classic (an ayurvedic blend with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, add a dash of soya milk). It's delicious, soothing and it warms me up from within.
  2. Give yourself a hug - Wrap your arms around yourself and accept how you feel. Maybe close the eyes and stay here for a couple of breaths (this feels soo good and provides instant comfort).
  3. Legs up the wall - Try lying on your back on the floor, buttocks touching the wall. Windmill your legs up the wall so the legs are stacked on top of the hips. Close the eyes. Stay here for as long as you wish (ideally 3-5 min). This restorative pose will make you feel grounded, and yet energised (precaution: avoid if you have high blood pressure; try Savasana (Relaxation pose) lying on your back with arms and legs extended and away from the body instead).
  4. Going for 10 minutes walk during the day - Daylight is important for our mental and physical well-being. Fresh air, moving the body, and clearing the head - all of which might get you a new perspective to life. Walking for 10 minutes lifts my mood immediately. Remind yourself why you are going for a short walk - to feel better afterwards! And it works - trust me.
  5. Practice Yoga 10-15 minutes a day - Moving the spine into all directions, doing some breathing exercises and meditation will make you feel better. Remember you can ALWAYS adjust your practice depending on how you feel: Low energy? Take it easy. Less is more. Full of energy? Level it up. Hold poses for longer. Add another Sun Salutation. Yoga is here to pick you up where you are and help you make feel better. Aim for 5-10 minutes a day and see what happens (Tip: put it in the calendar) : )

You might want to try any other enjoyable activities such as listening to music, journaling, drawing, getting creative and crafty, light scented candles and even getting lots of cuddles from your partner/children/pets. Have a hot bath.

Need a nap? Have a nap! Have two! Having an early night can do wonders to your mind and your energy levels.

Luckily February is a short month, meaning March is in theory around the corner and with that Spring is nearly here!!

Stay healthy. Stay inspired.

All my love & gratitude,